Booking tips: Accommodation


Don't settle for any old hotel. With websites such as, Air BnB, Expedia, Holiday Lettings and so forth, there is more and more choice of where to stay today!

With, a genius discount is given to you once you have booked with them over 2 times in 2 years. This can save you up to 10% on accommodation anywhere in the world.  



Booking a holiday takes time and effort, don't rush the decision, be organised and be patient. And most importantly  if you want a good deal and something to look forward to, book in advance. I usually book holidays up to 9 months prior to the trip. 


Remember to be aware of hidden costs and add-ons. With apartments, it's likely you'll have to pay a cleaning fee, late or early check in fee, a city-tax per person and a large (but often refundable) deposit.  


Read the Reviews!

Always read the reviews!! This may be a dull and tedious task, however it is vital if staying in the best possible accommodation for you is a priority. You may not be spending much time in the apartment or hotel, but no one wants to be handed mouldy bread in the morning.   


For me, I tend to filter my results by avoiding places that have overall ratings below 'Good' (no lower than 8 out of 10). And if the hotel has zero reviews online, I'd move on. 



What are your priorities? If location in relation to a town or beach is important to you, or if it's the facilities of a hotel that are what you're looking for, make sure you read the reviews and the ratings for location and/or facilities.


If there is the odd review that complains about the breakfast while everyone else raves, don't give up on the place.