Booking tips: COVID-19


Sadly, it's likely we will all lose money, (amongst other things) from COVID-19. Whether it's losing jobs in the travel industry or having holidays cancelled. 


Things are changing every day, so if you have a holiday booked or it has been cancelled, it's worth taking some time to look into whether you can receive a refund. Money saving expert offer some great advice regarding your coronavirus travel rights. Click here to read their latest article.

'I want to go away!'

With being stuck inside due to the lockdown, the scary news and overwhelming amount of change and uncertainty, we all want to get away or have a break. And you now can! Travel corridors allow us to travel to certain areas around the world. Click here to see the UK gov website on where you can(not) travel to.


If you do decide to travel abroad, be cautious and sensible. It is mandatory to wear a mask on your flight and at the airport at all times. Wash your hands and make sure one of your carry on liquids is hand sanitiser!


Be mindful that countries will have their own rules and regulations in relation to COVID-19. Make sure you learn and abide by their rules to avoid a costly fine. 


Booking Tips

Here's what we have learnt so far:

  • Always have travel insurance, understand your policy and how it covers you 

  • Book hotels & flights on credit cards 

  • If you can afford it (as it often comes at a higher price), select the option 'free cancellation' when booking accommodation

  • Book a flexible flight

  • Travel restrictions are changing daily. Stay up to date!

The Future of Travel

The travel business will not be like this forever, but it has certainly changed forever. This isn't necessarily a negative. Flights were often too cheap and frequent, and the environment couldn't keep up. Tourism can sometimes overwhelm cities or seaside resorts, so let's not resume back to normal, let's travel sensibly and sustainably. Decrease the amount of holidays you take (via air or cruise) and perhaps go away for longer periods of time.


Stay safe and enjoy!