2 days in Girona

View from Passeig de la Muralla

Located just 1 hour from the tourist hot-spot of Barcelona, Girona is the second largest city in Catalonia. It's inland, and is a cheaper and quieter alternative to Barcelona. Good for: history, Catalonian charm and food. 
The ancient walled city contains a Jewish quarter, cobblestone streets, the Onyar River and traditional Catalonian architecture, made famous to some by the GMO TV show Game of Thrones.  
London return flights to Girona can be as cheap as £30. Best time to visit? March - October. The airport is nicely placed just a 20 minute drive from Girona, well connected by public transport and private taxis.
Where to stay? For groups, make sure you rent the Flateli Rambla apartment for your duration in Girona. One side of the apartment overlooked La Rambla, the other overlooked the River Onyar. We had comfort, 3 balconies, beautiful views, lots of space and an amazing location for exploring Girona.

Day 1 




Spend your morning with breakfast along La Rambla. Drink some fresh orange juice at either Coffee Greens or the cycling-themed cafe La Fabrica. Before the hottest time of day approaches, climb the ancient walls of Girona, Passeig de la Muralla (top picture), experience Catalonian history while looking over the city with the beautiful backdrop of the Spanish mountains and countryside. 

View of La Rambla from our balcony

Explore the old town



You could invest in a Game of Thrones walking tour or wander around the Jewish Quarter/Old Town in your own time, you'll be sure to stumble across some medieval architecture and top sites including the Arab Baths (2 euro entry), the Cathedral and Church of Sant Feliu. The old town is compact but it is easy to get lost in the maze of cobblestone streets. If you have time, you could also drop a visit to the Museum of Jewish History (4 euro entry fee). 


I wouldn't say Girona has a thriving nightlife, but if you fancy a drink and some reggaton, head to Casino or Lux. They both get going, like most clubs in Spain, gone midnight. 

La Catedral

View from La Catedral

Day 2


Eiffel bridge



Find yourself a breakfast spot in the old town before wandering around the city of bridges. Take a visit to the Museum of Cinema (6 euro entry fee), cross the Pont de Pedra bridge where you'll find a small market, or relax at the large public garden of La Devesa Park.


Placa de la Independencia


Lydia at Rocambolesc Gelateria


Enjoy an ice cream at one of the most unique ice cream parlours in Spain: Rocambolesc Gelateria. Enjoy one of their very own creations: a Panet, comprised of ice cream and your choice of toppings stuffed in a toasted brioche bun (otherwise known as a toasted ice-cream sandwich), or perhaps keep it simple with a regular cone, or try one of their weird but wonderful popsicles (they come in many shapes and sizes, to name a few... an iPhone, Darth Vader, a nose etc).


You'll find Rocambolesc just between two tourist sites, the red Eiffel bridge (pictured above) and the large and very beautiful Placa de la Independencia (pictured above). Enjoy some down-time with a refreshing beverage at one of the many cafes/bars in the Square of Independence. People-watch, read or have a chat in the afternoon sun. 


Feast on some Catalonian tapas at a very reasonable price at El Museu del Vi (£). For those who still have some room, satisfy your sweet tooth with a warm crepe at Crepdeque?


Other Suggestions:

  • Afternoon swim in Lake Banyoles (pictured below)

  • Take a day-trip to the port-side town of Cadaques, a beautiful white-washed town just North of Girona.

  • Relax at another beach-side location in Costa Brava

  • Visit some botanical gardens

  • Day-trip to Barcelona


Lake Banyoles