4 days in Varadero

Probably one of the best beaches I have ever been to, but in the least bit Cuban. Varadero is located just an hours drive from Havana. The 20km peninsula contains all inclusive resort after all inclusive resort. 


This is the time to relax after your travels of Cuba, a rest after your city-break in Havana. Do not spend the majority of your trip to Cuba in Varadero. If you’ve only been to Varadero, you haven’t been to Cuba.


Varadero is off limits to all local Cubans aside from those who work in the resorts during the week. The hotel night-time entertainment will most likely bore you to tears if you’ve enjoyed the Buena vista Social Club music in the capital.


Hover over the following images to find out where to stay & what to do in your 4 days in Varadero:

Where to Stay?

What to do?

Other Suggestions

  1. Drink at the famous Mansion Xandu 

  2. Dive or scuba at the Peninsula de Zapata 

  3. Boat Trip along Rio Canimar

  4. Don't miss the sunsets! (pictured below)

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